Martinkus was my maternal grandfather's birth name. Sauka was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. They immigrated to Massachusetts from the village of Luokė, in Telšiai County. This site documents everything I've learned on this life changing expedition.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Uncle Benny Sauka

So here's another mystery for me, my Uncle Benny Sauka, standing on the far right. He was my mother's brother but that's all I know about him. I haven't found any information about him. All I have is this family wedding photo, taken in 1972 at a family wedding. Actually posting this photo is a bonus because there are other members of the family in it for whom I have no information as well. Sauka was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. I know this is her brother because the bride in the photo is my oldest sister. So this is another post to the universe. Anyone look familiar to you?

(l-r) standing - Aunt Stacey Kilenius, Aunt Catherine Butkus, the bride, the groom, Uncle Peter Kilenius, Uncle Benny Sauka and seated - Grampy Anthony K. Martin

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