Martinkus was my maternal grandfather's birth name. Sauka was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. They immigrated to Massachusetts from the village of Luokė, in Telšiai County. This site documents everything I've learned on this life changing expedition.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

World War 2 Old Mans Draft

My maternal grandfather, Anthony Martin (nee Martinkus) registered for the "old mans draft" to serve in World War 2. Attached is an image of his draft card. This was the very first clue I had to learn about my birth mother's history. Attached is a copy of Grampy Martin's WW2 draft card.

Anthony Kasimer Martinkus World War 2 draft card front
Anthony Kasimer Martinkus World War 2 draft card back


  1. I also have family from Luoke. I don't see any Martinkus names however.

    1. Hi Mike, where are you looking for names when you say you don't "see" any? I can only go with what I see written on the draft card, right. Anything is possible I guess and I suppose it wouldn't be the first time someone fibbed about something. Thanks for the comment.