Martinkus was my maternal grandfather's birth name. Sauka was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. They immigrated to Massachusetts from the village of Luokė, in Telšiai County. This site documents everything I've learned on this life changing expedition.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Genealogy Communities

I've been looking around Google searching for places to get advice on starting my genealogy research. I have to say, the Google+ Communities is a fantastic "one stop shop" for finding the tools to do the research.

However, I hit gold over the past few days. I discovered a Yahoo Group that has been online since online began. And it is strictly devoted to all things Lithuania, especially genealogy research. Here is a link:

According to the front page of this group, it has been up and running since 1999. Their resources are amazing and they post everything to share. Members also share their research. The  moderators are very helpful and patient, especially dealing with newbies like me!

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